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Healing Power of Hypnotherapy Series

Control Diabetes With Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy has been known to help in many areas of medical conditions. Sometimes used as a standalone alternative and sometimes used as a complimenting element to an already ongoing treatment.

Better Glucose

Another area hypnotherapy has had some positive results is in diabetes. This is a serious medical condition and requires as must assistance for the individual to be able to control, reduce, or overcome this disease.

For some people being resigned to their current limiting lifestyle because of diabetes is not an ideal solution. Thus, seeking alternative complimenting treatment is possible by the use of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy sessions usually start with inducing a trance like state, which when achieved, allows for the introduction of various ideas, suggestions, and other positive input. One area the hypnotherapist will address is the diet of the diabetic.

Leaning to control the diet through hypnotic suggestions is helping the diabetic patient to have the will power needed to start eliminating the foods that are harmful to the condition.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to help the individual to adjust their dependency on their insulin requirements and in really successful cases eliminate them altogether. However, all this needs to be done with the consent of the medical doctor familiar with the individual condition.

Some patients who have had to undergo surgery to amputate the effected limbs because of diabetes have found some level of mental and physical relief from practicing hypnotherapy.

The psychological effects of losing a limb as a result of the diabetic disease can be painful both mentally and physically and here the hypnotherapist will suggest positive thoughts and outlooks into an otherwise seemingly bleak future.

Hypnotherapy helps the individual to believe in a thought, an idea or an action that will help remove any “block” which cause the negative imbalances in the diabetic condition.

These seemingly impossible elements become more easily overpowered with the mastering and constant practice of hypnotherapy regularly.


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