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Daily Habits to Develop to Stay in the Present Moment with Less Stress - Part 3

Tips for Being Present Daily


Being present means creating attention and creating awareness. The problem with being present daily is that it’s easier said than done. Implementing these habits into your daily routine can be a struggle. Here are 10 ideas to being cultivating more awareness daily.

1. Celebrate the small joys. What is a small joy you see? Flowers? Finding an extra dollar in your purse? Running into a friend? Whatever it is celebrate it every day.

2. Check in with yourself. Identify with the moment you’re in. Notice the noises you hear, your surroundings and how you feel, smell and are grateful for.

3. Listen. Be engaged in conversation by listening intently and with curiosity.

4. It’s okay not to know all the answers. We get caught up in future worries because we want to know all the answers immediately to our problems.

5. Listen to your body. Stay in the present in your life by listening to what your body tells you it needs.

6. Let your feelings come. Feel into your feelings and observe them instead of trying to over-analyze and change them.

7. Reduce the distractions. Being continually distracted keeps you from being fully present in your life. Instead fully focus on one thing.

8. Savor daily rituals. Maybe it’s a cup of tea and cookies in the afternoon. Maybe it’s a short walk each evening before bed. Whatever it is try doing it slowly, in peace and without distractions every day.

9. Reflect on your day. Journal and create a list of things you’re grateful for or telling a love one about your day, it’s important to reflect on what went well that day.

10. Step away from the digital world. Turn off the phone, computer and other digital devices that distract you. Do something daily that doesn’t require being connected to the internet.

Do these things daily to be more present in your life.

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