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Daily Habits to Develop to Stay in the Present Moment with Less Stress - Part 1

Examples of Living in the Moment


Before we get to the habits you want to develop for living in the moment daily, let’s delve into some examples of what living in the moment looks like. Living in the moment takes practice. You have to develop daily habits to help you stay in the present moment When you do that you have less stress and anxiety.

First let’s experience what it’s like to be in the moment. Close your eyes. Now concentrate on your breathing. Feel the sensation of the air as it enters through your nose and fills your lungs. Now notice how it feels as it flows back out again through your mouth. Be aware of any thoughts that come up, acknowledge them then let them float away. Then return your focus to your breathing.

This will be hard, especially the first few times you do it. But it’s the basic foundation for enjoying and being in the moment.

Here are 4 examples of living in the moment.

1. Watch children as they play. They are masters at being in the present. For example, watch your preschooler play. He’s not thinking about yesterday or what he wants to do after he’s done playing. He’s simply Superman, rescuing those in need. Nothing else exists at the moment.

2. Someone savoring dessert. Have you ever watched someone really enjoy a decadent slice of tiramisu? Instead of gobbling it down, they enjoy it completely. They close their eyes. Slowly they put a spoonful in their mouth. They savor the flavor, the sweet chocolatey cheesiness, the sponginess texture of the cake, the coffee, and the smoothness of the brandy. The next time you take a bite of your food, try to clear your mind of everything, no reading, texting, or talking to anyone else. Instead just experience your food.

3. Watch your cat. Cats have big attitudes. They think they are bigger than they are, great hunters like a lion. Watch as they stealthily stalk a bug or mouse. They think they are hidden in the tall grasses of the Savanna. They sneak up on it then pounce and attack. That cat isn’t thinking about what he had for his last meal or what they can claw to shreds later. They are just in the now being a cat.

4. When you are absorbed in something. Think about it. There have been times when you’ve been so focused on what you were doing that you were lost to everything going on around you. Not so much as lost in thought but lost in doing the task. Maybe it’s’ when you were creating something or when you were playing sports or fixing something or when you were in the flow at work. Remember those times and try to replicate it.

There are examples of being in the moment all around you. Begin studying others who have achieved this state and start implementing it into your daily life.


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