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Compassion Series - Practices for Compassion for Self



One of the best ways to practice self-compassion is by meditating on self-compassion. There are many meditations you can listen to each night before bed to make the practice of self-compassion a habit. You can notice in a brief period of time how you feel better, happier, and more resilient in your everyday life.

Noticing Small Acts of Kindness

Take on the practice of noticing whenever someone is compassionate to you; whether they hold the door open to the grocery store because you are laden down with bags or someone runs to help you pick something up you dropped. Once you begin training your brain to notice compassion, your brain will associate compassion as a pleasurable and good thing and want to seek out more of the same.


Take note whether self-care is scheduled on your calendar? The chances are it is not even on your calendar or on your to-do list. Most people do not treat self-care as an important part of their daily routine. It is more of an afterthought or a thing to do “someday.” Placing self-care activities such as meditation, praying, time in nature, exercise, connecting with friendships, taking up hobbies you enjoy on your list, the brain looks at this as a crucial element which must get checked off the to-do list. One of the best ways to become more compassionate of yourself is to prioritize your own self-care. If you are not willing to do it for yourself, no one else will either.


Pay attention to how you think, speak, and act toward yourself. Ask the negative inner critic if what they are saying is fact or fiction. Separate the actual event from the meaning you are giving it. For example, if you are saying you are a failure rather than you failed at completing something, notice the difference. Just because you made a mistake or failed at something does not mean you are a failure as a person.


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