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Being Grateful in an Ungrateful World - Part 6

The Difference Between Positive And Negative Mindset In Gratitude

Your way of thinking about gratitude, whether positive or negative, can create different impacts in your life. There are great differences in positive and negative mindset in gratitude, and whatever your way of thinking about it can make significant changes in the quality of your life. Gratitude always matters. If you have a negative mindset in gratitude, you will see difficulty in each opportunity, but if you have positive mindset in gratitude, you can see great opportunities in each difficulty.


The Good And The Bad

Negative Mindset in Gratitude

All people receive blessings – in any way or in any form. The problem is that most people don’t really appreciate them or even take these blessings for granted. People often forget to offer regular thanks for what they already obtained. Nowadays, it is usually easier to just slip into the negative mindset and focus more on your bigger goals for the future and to those things that you have yet to achieve.

Well, there is actually nothing wrong with aiming high and looking upwards and onwards; this is part of human nature. However, the problem with it is that you starting to forget the current blessings that you are obtaining.

If you have a negative mindset in gratitude, you will not totally be happy. If you start taking for granted the things that you already have because of your bigger objectives, you will become frustrated and you will obtain real happiness, especially if you are still far from your objectives.

If you are able to recognize even the simple things around you, while aiming to reach your goal, there is actually great difference between these two. You can aim for higher goals while acknowledging the things you already have today.

Positive Mindset in Gratitude

The words you speak and the feeling you express everyday greatly affect your life. If you are obtaining great joy and abundance in life, it is also because of how you think about the things around and the words you speak. If you have a positive mindset in gratitude, you give more appreciation to even the smallest things around you, and because of this, you become even happier.

The way you think about gratitude and your attitude towards the things around you have great impacts in your life. Bear in mind that a positive energy given out will eventually return with great rewards.

The way you think about gratitude reflects in the way you see life. Remember that gratitude is of your most important connection to God, expressing your appreciation for the good things in your life and in return, obtaining even more for you to be thankful for. Give appreciation to everything around you and you will also attract joy and abundance in your life.


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