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Attitude of Gratitude Series - Gratitude Leads to Abundance


The opposite of gratitude is focusing on the things that you do not have in your life. So many people concentrate on lack and end up living a pretty miserable life as a result. If you keep focusing on lack then you will receive more lack. People never understand this but it is how the Law of Attraction works and you cannot get around this life law.

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not doesn’t really matter. We believe that it works and there is a lot of evidence to support this. But think about things in this way – if you are always thinking about the things that you don’t have then this is not going to make you happy is it?

Learn from the Law of Attraction

There are many definitions of the Law of Attraction. A simple definition is that what you focus on you will attract or manifest in your life. There is more to using the power of the Law of attraction than just thought. But this is where it all starts.

People that continuously moan and complain usually always find a lot more things to whinge about. Have you ever wondered why this is the case? Well it is the Law of Attraction giving these people what they want. The complainers send negative vibrations to the Universe and it responds by providing more negative things to them.

So the reverse of this is to be grateful for the things that you already have. When you do this you are creating feelings of abundance. You send positive vibrations to the Universe and it will respond by sending you more.

By being grateful for what you have you are focusing your thoughts and you are setting yourself up to manifest even more of the things that make you happy. You have already learned that gratitude is a very powerful emotion. When you express it you generate very positive energy that will enable you to manifest more.

Believe that Gratitude creates Abundance

The link between gratitude and abundance is something that a lot of people have a hard time getting their heads around. We are asking you to take a leap of faith here and believe that if you are grateful on a regular basis then you will create abundance in your life.

The positive energy that you create from being grateful will help you to align yourself with the Universe to manifest abundance. Gratitude is very powerful and can help you to get everything that you desire in your life.

You will see that as you practice your attitude of gratitude more and more that your life will change for the better and that you will manifest more. Each time you express gratitude you send strong signals to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is all powerful and it will quickly recognize that you really appreciate having things in your life.

So you have two very powerful forces that will work for you here. The Law of Attraction which responds to the vibrations (thoughts and feelings) that you send out when you are grateful for the things that you have in your life right now.

And then there is your subconscious mind that will help you to get anything that you desire if it believes that you are really serious about getting it. The signals that you send to your subconscious through your expressions of gratitude will help to convince your subconscious that you really want to receive more of what makes you happy.

Negative Thinking doesn’t fit with Abundance

If you are someone that thinks negatively about life then you will never experience abundance. The two things just don’t fit together. If you want abundance in your life then you must make the transformation to positive thinking and being grateful for what you have now and what you see around you is a great way to do that.

As you develop your attitude of gratitude you will begin to see some remarkable changes in your life. These can be changes in your career or business life, your health and wellbeing, the way that you feel and act and your social connections.

All it takes to see improvements in your life like this is to stop complaining about what you don’t have and appreciate what you do have. This is a significant positive change that will set you on the path to abundance.

Make a commitment to see your blessings as much larger than your problems. This will make you a lot happier and will develop a much more positive outlook for you. In time you will believe that there is no problem in life that you cannot overcome and that no problem will ever make you think negatively about your life.

We all have a positive energy that we can tap into when we need it. Most people find this hard to accept but it is true. You are the result of your previous thoughts. If you had mainly negative thoughts in your life up until now then what you have around you right now is a result of this.

Abundance is all around you

The Universe will always provide abundance. It is around you today and will continue to be their forever. You need to stop focusing on those small negative things in your life that most people seem to concentrate on. Getting all stressed out about having to take out the trash is not the way to go but so many people end up thinking like this.

So if you find yourself having negative feelings about having to take out the trash, think about all of the food that you ate and the things that you have that resulted in the trash building up. Wrappers from food items and other things that you take for granted are all in the trash can.

This may seem crazy but it is a big first step towards gratitude and abundance. We all have limiting beliefs that define who we are and what we have. Maybe as a child you learned that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and this has led to you not having enough money in your life.

Limiting beliefs can be changed and when you start to be truly grateful for the money that you have now it is a step in the right direction. The fact that you are grateful for this money, no matter how small, tells the Universe that you want more of it. It also lets your subconscious mind know that money makes you happy.

So we are asking you to take on board that the world has inexhaustible resources that you can tap into by expressing gratitude. An attitude of gratitude will open up your life to all kinds of new opportunities that will lead to an abundant life. Abundance is real and gratitude is the way to it.


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