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Affirmations Getting in Touch with My Emotions

1. I will let myself feel all my emotions, I will not ignore or repress them.

2. I am allowed to experience my feelings without regret or shame.

3. I need to feel my feelings in order to accept them.

4. I am strong enough to evaluate even my darkest feelings.

5. I can survive any emotion I may feel.

6. As long as I deal with my emotions, anything I feel is temporary and a better day is around the corner.

7. I make my own happiness in my life through my emotions.

8. Sadness is a part of life, sometimes I will feel sad, but the next day I will feel happy.

9. I can feel emotions regarding my past, then I can let them go and I don’t need to think about them again.

10. It is okay to seek help to get in touch with my emotions.

11. I can ask to talk to friends and family about the emotions I am feeling.

12. I will give every emotion I am feeling a name, then discover the root of that emotion.

13. Repressed emotions will only come back worse in the long run; I need to feel my emotions when they first begin.

14. I can forgive myself for mistakes I make when getting in touch with my emotions.

15. My emotions do not define me, I feel them, then resolve them, and move towards a better future.

16. I will not feel embarrassed for showing my emotions to others.

17. I will speak up when I feel a strong emotion in response to something someone has said.

18. I will not let my emotions control me; I am in charge of them.

19. When I feel afraid, I will not panic, I will feel the emotion and work to resolve it.

20. I will spend time each week working to get in touch with my emotions.


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