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Affirmation Basics - Intro To Creative Visualization


Creative visualization is the procedure of utilizing your imagination in an integrated way, with the goal of producing what you wish in your life.

Seeing it

The procedure for visualization is really simple:

Get relaxed; utilize your imagination to produce compelling images, sounds and feelings of you getting what you wish; Repeat!

If you continue centered on your target regularly - adding firm emotion - you'll be surprised to see your goals "turn up" in your life - frequently by unexplainable coincidences, or simply by gradual betterments.

The better you get at visualizing, the quicker you'll begin producing the life you wish.

Creative visualization is basically a technique to help you produce what you truly wish - whether that's more love, peace, fulfillment, self-expression, cash... or anything else!

On the surface, it's great to get more of the things you wish. Without doubt. However visualization goes deeper than that, much deeper!

Essentially, effective visualization involves exploring - and shifting - your deepest attitudes to life. This may have a fundamental effect on you!

You may become happier, more relaxed, more centered, mentally solider, more peaceful... and a whole lot more.

So, concisely, the answer to "why visualize?" is: because you'll get more of what you wish, but you'll likewise feel more favorable about life in general.

As Einstein wisely understood, "Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions". And originative visualization makes sure that the coming attractions are of your selecting!

The best way to begin visualization is to spend a couple of minutes before you go to bed, or just after you wake up, imagining - in as much detail as you may muster - what you wish in your life.

The secret key to visualization success is to bring forth the same favorable emotions you'd get if your dreams had already been achieved!

The more favorable emotions you feel, the quicker you'll influence your subconscious... and that's if you begin seeing results!


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