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Affirmation Basics - Advantages And Disadvantages


Positive affirmation or positive self-talk may benefit not only yourself but likewise other individuals that you interact with. Affirmation is the switching of thoughts resulting from damaging, dirty, and rough experiences or ideas to a more positive note. It relies on the principle that you may only become successful if you tell yourself “I can do that” rather than saying, “I can’t do that.”

The Good And Bad

If you believe that positive affirmation impacts only the subconscious then wait till you hear this. Studies have determined that individuals who perpetually bombard themselves with positive words instead of entertaining damaging thoughts and words have more substantial muscles.

Research claims that an individual’s muscles get stronger and more active when the subconscious mind is filled with favorable words. The same report indicated that the human muscles tend to get weak when an individual thinks and verbalizes that he's tired or that he hates the world or that he can't do a certain thing.

Aside from muscle strength, positive affirmation likewise impacts your energy level. A happy individual is commonly a result of a positive mind programming.

Positive affirmation does not only affect the physical but likewise the emotional well-being of an individual. Because of this, experts have always advised individuals to start their day with good and positive thoughts and words.

Starting the day right would extend the vibrant feeling throughout the day and would even act as a multiplier effect to all other positive aspects in your life.

Positive affirmation brings to life an individual’s capabilities, strengths, talents, and skills. Perpetually repeating the things that you're capable of doing and forgetting hesitant feelings that commonly hinder you from going after a certain goal may help a lot in accomplishing a positive result.

A light outlook, a smiling face, and a worry-free aura are commonly the features of very successful individuals. The principle of positive affirmation leans on the core tenets that the mind is just so mighty and what it says is commonly followed and miraculously accomplished by the body.

Our thoughts, self talk and affirmations, both positive and negative, get to be self-fulfilling prophesies much more often than not. Your actions and effort are influenced by what you're thinking, so if you think you'll fail at something you likely will. Likewise, if you think you'll succeed you likely will.

Most individuals don't realize that it is actually possible to choose to more think more positively. The consequences of such a choice are that your consequences are truly the ones you consciously want.

For instance, if you're attempting to slim down...

DON’T say or think, “I'm not going to cheat on my diet and I'll lose weight no matter what.”

The above supposedly positive thinking affirmation might lead to the person becoming dangerously skinny and/or under nourished. By saying "no matter what" in the affirmation, the individual could end up overdoing things. They could make them self seriously ill in their quest to slim down, although this was never the intent.

So it’s crucial to think things through and avoid producing unwanted side effects when composing your affirmations. With the above dieting affirmation, quite apart from the words “no matter what” making it potentially harmful, it uses the wrong tense. It might be further improved by selecting more meaningful positive words.