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6 Signs of Poor Emotional Health

Do you sometimes feel like your emotions are out of control? Do you lose your temper quickly or often regret how you treated someone else? Many indicators can tell you that your physical health is suffering, but how do you know when your emotional health is low? What are the warning signs to watch for when it comes to your emotional wellness? While there are many, here are six crucial signs of poor emotional health to keep watch for.

Isolation or Social Withdrawal

If you find that, lately, you would much rather be by yourself than deal with other people, your emotional health may be suffering. Those who are struggling with their own emotional health issues often have a challenging time being around people whose emotions are intense or who are struggling through a hard time. If you are unsure about your relationship with yourself, you may not seek out relationships with other people, either. If you find that you are spending more time alone and are turning away opportunities to be with loved ones and friends, your emotional health may need some attention.

Blaming Others

One of the most common forms of self-sabotage is to blame other people for your own mistakes or failures. Blaming is a sign that you have not accepted responsibility for your own emotions, behaviors, or choices, and that you lack the self-awareness necessary to process how you feel about your situation. It is so much easier to lay blame at someone else’s feet than do the hard work needed to improve yourself, isn’t it?


Does it feel like you get into more than your share of arguments every day? That, no matter what, other people just seem very unhelpful or purposefully bothersome to you? If you find that you get into a lot of arguments, whether it is with friends, coworkers, family, or even complete strangers, then this is a sign that you are not processing your emotions well. When you hold things in, they can manifest as anger, and when you are not attuned to others’ feelings, you may find yourself frustrated with their behaviors.

Regretting Your Behavior

How often do you think to yourself, “I really wish I hadn’t done that. What is WRONG with me that I can’t control myself” When you are not healthily dealing with emotions, it can lead to decisions that do not support good health or that hard your relationships with others. When your emotional health is lacking, your emotions are more likely to bubble up or burst to the surface and influence your behavior, making you do things you would not do under more rational thought.

Being Confused by Others’ Emotions

If you struggle with emotional health, it can be difficult to understand or deal with other people’s emotions, too. If you are often confused about why other people react the way they do or are annoyed that someone has an emotional reaction to a situation, it is a sign that your own emotional wellness is not that great. Empathy and understanding of how others feel is an integral part of emotional health, and if you are always exasperated about how other people feel, then you need to work on this vital part of wellness.

Trouble in Relationships

Whether it is friends, family, or romantic partners, if you find that people are always leaving or finding ways to spend less time with you, that is a big red flag that you need to improve your emotional wellness. When others see you suffering but not dealing with your emotions, or when you are emotionally unpredictable, it makes it hard for others to spend time with you. Cultivating and maintaining relationships is a sign of emotional health, and if you lack in this area, then working on your own emotional wellness is a significant first step.

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