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Vegan Gardening

Vegan gardening is not just vegetables. Products that are used in the garden exempt animal products. The compost consists out of mulching, plant manures, rotating crops etc. Vegan organic gardening is a combination of companion and synergistic planting. The unique difference between other gardens and a vegan garden is that the fertilizers do not contain blood, bone or anything that consists out of animal debris. Popular vegan fertilizers are wood ash, seaweed and organic compost.

The soil is treated with natural substances; for example, lime, reduces acidity in the soil it also adds calcium and magnesium. Neem is a tree that is used as a pest repellent. Epsom’s salts are a great magnesium source. Not only does the vegan technique aid with living healthy it also helps to eliminate transmittable and bacterial diseases.

Certain standards are set by the Vegan-organic network. The reasons for the standards are to give home gardeners a guideline to follow and to control commercial gardening. The goal of vegan gardening is to feed the soil with products that do not contain harmful substances and in return the organic soil feeds the plants. If you want to conform to vegan organic gardening, there is one main thing that you must remember. No animal products. You need to create an organic, natural and ecological friendly environment without using animal products.

Start off by creating your own green compost. Do research to get ideas what you can use to replace harmful methods. To be successful you need to think and act as a vegan otherwise you can disregard the entire gardening technique.

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