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Storing Spices And Herbs

Use the following guidelines for storing your spices and herbs to maintain maximum quality. To prevent flavor and color loss, avoid moisture, light, heat and air.

  • Store in tightly covered containers.

  • Store in a dark place away from sunlight, such as inside a cupboard or drawer.

  • Avoid storage above the dishwasher, microwave, stove or refrigerator, or near a sink or heating vent.

  • If storing in an open spice rack, store in a site away from heat, light and moisture.

  • Avoid sprinkling dried spices and herbs directly from container into a steaming pot to prevent moisture from entering the container.

  • Use a dry spoon to measure spices and herbs from a container.

  • Keep these points in mind regarding refrigerator/freezer storage:

  • Refrigerate paprika, chili powder and red pepper for best color retention, especially in summer or hotter climates.

  • Spices and herbs can get wet if condensation forms when a cold container from a refrigerator or freezer is left open in a humid kitchen.

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