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10 Ways to Attract Things that you Want in your Life Series

Develop a Persistence Habit


Have you tried to do something in the past which didn’t turn out as you wanted it to and then given up on it altogether? Of course you have – we have all done this. The thing is that if you had been a bit more persistent who knows what this would have led to?

Persistence is a fantastic quality to have and it sends positive vibrations to the Universe. If you fail at something it doesn’t matter. Just learn from the failure and try again. These days too many people are expecting things to land in their lap for little or no effort. Products sell very well on the back of this premise.

If you want to manifest your desires then persistence is essential. Realize that you are going to encounter a number of challenges along the way and you need to be strong and persistent to overcome them.

So when you decide to do something that you haven’t done before be persistent with it. You wouldn’t expect to learn a foreign language overnight and be able to speak it perfectly the next day. You need to be persistent and listen to the feedback you are getting. Just be persistent it will truly reward you!


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